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A New Foundation

Anything is possible if you commit to make the challenging changes. This journey began over 4 years ago. My marriage was built on a faulty foundation and it fell apart with my wife right in the middle of it. I let my sexual addiction, compulsive behavior, and maladaptive coping skills affect my marriage. I hurt my wife in ways that I did not understand. I spent the first 19 years of my marriage lying, deceiving and gas lighting my wife. She knew that something wasn’t right, but I could always talk my way out of it. It wasn’t until the betrayal trauma turned into PTSD that I finally realized what I had done. The old marriage was over and together we created a new marriage. There were numerous challenges over the past 4 years but we continued moving forward. This became our life every day. We developed new habits and a new way of living. Things got better as we continued to do the challenging work. I haven’t posted anything on the blog in some time. I worked as a coach helping men with sexual addiction for 6 months. I left that to pursue a masters degree in mental health counseling. I also got my life coaching certification to be able to better help other men. I am facilitating a weekly online group for men who are on the same journey. I want to give back and help others who faced similar challenges in their lives. There is hope, but you must rebuild on a new foundation. If you would like more information about addiction coaching, you may contact me at

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