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Sunday – Trust


Day 7 of my week of every day posts and today I want to talk about trust. My addiction destroyed trust. I didn’t even trust myself. I know that the trust my wife had before my addiction came out is long gone and will never come back. My wife will never trust me the same naive way that she did in the past. I have accepted that she has a different trust now.

Early in my recovery I told her to not believe what came out of my mouth, but instead to watch my actions. I have built this new trust by being consistent in my actions. If I tell her that I am going to do something, I follow through and do it. I tell her where I am going. I let her know when I leave and when I arrive. I tell her what my agenda is for the day. I have a 10:00 am and 3:00 pm check in every day. I don’t keep secrets from her. It is a whole lot easier to just be transparent.

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