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Thursday – I’m Tired


Day 4 of my week of everyday posts. I’m tired today, both mentally and physically. It has been a long stressful week at work and there’s still one more day left in the work week. I have a long weekend ahead of me, then back to work next Monday. In the past this would have been the perfect combination to act out.

But I’m not that person anymore and I have learned to deal with my stress in a better way. I know that I have to slow down and process how I’m feeling at work. I have a project due in a week and a half. I need to break it down into small pieces that I can work on every day and not get overwhelmed. I need to prioritize what I need to do first and what can wait.

I have learned to talk about my challenges with my wife. This helps me to bring them out and not keep them inside where they become toxic. Life is full of challenges that can be dealt with in a healthy manner.

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