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Tuesday – Secrets


Day two of my week of posting every day. Today I’m going to look at secrets. My addiction was wrapped in the secrets that I kept. I couldn’t tell anyone my shameful secrets. They became a cancer that rotted me from the inside.

My secrets kept me from seeing the reality of the pain that I was causing my wife. It wasn’t until I started to share my secrets that I started to change. I had to just man up and tell my shameful secrets. I told my wife the awful things I had done. It wasn’t easy seeing the pain in my wife’s eyes. I have chosen to live a life where I keep no secrets, especially from my wife.

I tell her what my therapist and I discuss in my sessions. I tell her what we talk about in my men’s church group. I share my workbooks and my journal with her. I choose to live my life where I can tell my wife anything. Life has become much simpler because I can share everything with my wife and not keep any secrets.

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