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Progressive Hope


We are almost a year and nine months into this journey of recovery. At this time last year we didn’t know if it would be our last Christmas.

I was still getting angry and making it about me instead of being empathetic to her pain. I was maturing and learning how to deal with emotions that I had been running from for years. There were good days and bad days. I didn’t understand that one good day didn’t erase twenty years of trauma. One good day was just a step in the recovery journey and not the finish line.

There are more good days than bad days now. But there are still challenging conversations and I don’t run from the difficult emotions. I’m in a better place than a year ago and our marriage has become better. We still have daily conversations about this addiction. We still continue to seek new knowledge about this addiction and recovery. We started this blog to let others know that there is hope and freedom from this addiction. There is no magic formula. It takes faith, hope, endurance, and determination.

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