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My beautiful wife

My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. My addiction tainted my view of my wife and kept me from seeing her beauty. My addiction kept me in a place of shame and darkness and I couldn’t see my wife for who she was. My first major step was by letting go of my illusion of control. Once I brought out my addiction to the light it began to lose power. I started to tell the truth. It was painful to tell my wife how much I manipulated and lied during our marriage.

The next step was choosing to let go of unhealthy things and setting boundaries. I started a visual detox. I gave up all television and all social media. I destroyed all my computers. I gave my wife full access to my phone and installed Covenant Eyes on it. I was sick and tired of the pain I was causing her. As I stopped flooding my head with unhealthy images I started to see my wife in a new light. Even her tone of voice changed. I chose to see people as people and not as objects. God didn’t create us to objectify and dehumanize people. I see people as people and only have eyes for my wife. I don’t buy into the false belief that all men are wired to look at women. It is not natural or biological. I don’t believe in the 3 second rule or bouncing my eyes. The Bible teaches us that we join with our wife to become one. God designed us to bond and connect to our wife. It has been a year since I eliminated unhealthy images from my life and I feel better than ever. I challenge anyone who is struggling with this addiction to stop putting unhealthy images in their head. Your brain will rewire itself and a better person will emerge.

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